Top 10 Home Improvement Projects Under $50

Installing paddle ceiling fan.

Tackling some or all of these 10 home improvement projects will improve the look and efficiency of your home without breaking the bank.

  1. Seal gaps and cracks on exterior of house

    Cost: Less than $25 in caulk.
    Benefit: Savings of 10% to 20% on heating and air conditioning bills.
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  2. Replace return air filters every 1-3 months

    Cost: $20-$40 a year.
    Benefit: Extends life of heating/cooling equipment, saves on energy.
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  3. Paint exterior shutters

    Cost: $20 to $40 for gallon of exterior paint.
    Benefit: Improves curb appeal and increases resale value.
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  4. Replace hardware in kitchen or bathroom

    Cost: Drawer pulls start at around $2 each; towel bars at $10.
    Benefit: Gives room updated look at minimum cost.
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  5. Add a paddle ceiling fan

    Cost: $35 and up.
    Benefit: Greater comfort and lower energy bills in summer and winter.
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  6. Repair cracks in patio, walk, or driveway

    Cost: $2-$5 a tube of concrete patch caulk.
    Benefit: Extends life of concrete and prevents erosion under slab.
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  7. Replace torn window and door screens

    Cost: Around $15 for screening and new spline.
    Benefit: Spruces up house and makes open windows bug proof.
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  8. Update room light fixtures

    Cost: $25 and up.
    Benefit: Modernizes a focal point of rooms.
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  9. Replace damaged weather stripping and thresholds

    Cost: $5 to $15 for weather stripping, $10 to $25 per threshold.
    Benefit: A seal at doors and windows can save 10% in energy costs.
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  10. Brighten up a room with paint

    Cost: $15-$35 a gallon for interior paint.
    Benefit: Changes the look of a room at minimum cost.
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  1. The quickest way to change a room is add color and that can be anything frome the paint on the walls to the pictures you hang. Every object adds interest and color is vital.


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