How to Pour Concrete Curbing in Your Yard

Adding a concrete curb to your flower garden or foundation bed will help define the space and contain the plants. Here’s how to go about it:

    1. Use a flat shovel to define the outline of the curb and level the ground.
    2. Compact the soil to provide a solid base using a tamp to prevent the soil from settling and cracking the concrete
    3. Install a 4” wide strip of 1/4” hardboard supported by wooden stakes next to planting bed to serve as a form the concrete.
    4. Position 5” long blocks of wood against the inner form.
    5. Install a second hardboard form, supported by stakes, level with the inner form.
    6. Mix up the concrete, adding colorant if desired. We used QUIKRETE concrete and colorant for our curb.
    7. Pour the concrete into the form, using a trowel to smooth it level with the top.
    8. Round off the front edge of the concrete with an edging tool.
    9. Create an indentation in the top of the concrete every 3’ to 4’ with a scoring tool to limit cracking.
    10. Remove form once concrete has set.

Watch this video to find out more.