How to Polish Granite

Using grinder to polish granite.

We had granite countertops installed in our kitchen over a year ago. The installers neglected to polish the edge of the granite. They came back several times to polish this but it still looks dull. Is there a way that I can polish this myself? I have purchased many different products for granite polishing and I have had no luck in making the edge look the least little bit shiny. -Trish

Hi Trish,
Polishing the edges of a granite countertop can be pretty labor intensive and requires a delicate touch. If you decide to give it a try, you’ll need to use a grinder or stone polisher equipped with various grit diamond pads (these may be rented at tool rental centers). The pads start at 50 grit and go up to 3000 and more. If your granite has already been partially polished, you can skip the lower grits.

Be sure to wear the proper safety equipment including a dust mask, safety glasses or goggles, and ear protection. You can read more about polishing granite on our website at How to Install a Granite Tile Countertop

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  1. The granite installers lacked both experience and skill if they were not able to shine the edge. I would not recommend a homeowner trying on their own because it does take a huge amount of skill and good supplies. You may just want to call another company to fix it which will probably cost the same amount as you buying supplies to do so yourself.

  2. I bought a cheap granite polishing pad set off ebay for about $45 shipped. Fits right into my 4″ hand held angle grinder. I’ve never done granite work before and was able to polish the edges of my tile just fine. Couple passes with each pad working from 50 grit up to 3000 grit then the buff pad. Mist some water before each pad on the edge. Not hard at all, unless I’m missing something, but they look great. BTW… this is on a tile granite countertop in my kitchen that I installed.

  3. I used Lime Away on my bathroom faucets and now the granite countertop has lost its shine and is flat where it was exposed. Any way to fix this?

  4. Trish, applying a color enhancer to the edges may be the fix that you’re looking for. You may have purchased a granite that was pre-sealed when the slab was cut and polished (i.e., in Brazil), especially if the granite was porous. Later, when your fabricator cut the slab, the freshly-cut edges were dull and less colorful than the top. I have had good results with Mira Matte Color Enhancer by Miracle Sealants Company. Be sure to blue-tape the top in a nice, straight line before you apply the enhancer to the edges. Good luck!

  5. We have a new granite counter top for vanity in bathroom. It has some pits. Sealing didn’t fill them in. Is there something to use to fill them? Thanks.

  6. Hi,

    I have granite in my bathrooms with hard water damage around the faucets. I have installed a soft-water heater but would like to re-polish the granite. I’ve tried a few brands of granite polish but they don’t work. Will an enhancer work for this problem? Any ideas would be appreciated. Can a granite company polish it back to it’s original finish. Thank you.

  7. I bought a black with marble granite and is dull in the edge and in the surface . The owner from the company he came polished and he said it shines but was dull then I ask to another person he make it shine but not as I want. I used some granite products but still not shine as I want.

  8. i just had granite installed and had full bull nose on the edge and it is dull looking, the installer said it was the granite {tropical bronze} and nothing they did wrong. do you think they did not polish this correctly

  9. Had new outdoor kitchen installed with granite tile countertop. Wife used Kaboom on it to clean the grout and everywhere the kaboom was sprayed on the granit it left a cloudy shadow. The granit is light colored so it is hard to see when looking straight down on it but when the sun is shining and you are looking from an angle you can see the cloudiness. Is this going to require someone stripping down the entire countertop or can it be polished out along the edges where the cleaner was sprayed?

  10. I am building a chess set out of granite i already have my board completed and my pieces cut, i am not in the shaping and polishing process but i am new to this and am not sure what the right kind of hand polishing tools/supplies i will need to make my pieces shine what kind of advice would you suggest


  11. I’m a first time do it yourselfer. I cut, installed and polished my own grantie counter tops. The hardest thing was lifting the granite and putting in place.( make sure your mounting surfaces are solid and level) Polishing I found,you start with a 50 grit and work your was to 3000. I think seven pads to get to the 3000. If you have alot of edges, buy two 50 grit pads because those get used the most. The edges polished up nicely. Keep in mind the pads are diamond as well as diamond blade to cut the granite. I bought a 4″ angle grinder at Harbor freight for 15 dollars. I had the wife spray a stream of water out of a 2 gallon pump sprayer for Lowes while I was cutting the granite. The polishing was done dry. The polishing pads were pricey at 10 dollars a peice and you need to buy the backing pad to use them on the 4′ grinder. Those I found at a flooring store. Good luck,Tom

  12. How can you find out if your dining room table is marble,granite or faux? I have a 6 inch crack in it and would like to repair and shine it up. It was given to me but it required three men to carry it in my house because it is very heavy.

  13. What type of grout or product is recommended to use on granite countertops,specifically between countertop and backsplash, water seeps to wall.

  14. Have a black granite counter top and backsplash with a high gloss shine decided to diy polish project did every thing by the book with 100 – 200- 400 – 800 – 1500 -3000 in fact I did it twice but the counter top look more gray and dull than black and shiney, what did I do wrong.

  15. i have purchased 1500 ft granite, each 10ft length and 3 ft ht.started laying work and found that all granite slabs bend vertical and horizantal after laying jointing edges are bulge. what is the solution for leveling of floor.please suggest me it more helpfull for.

  16. I have an Emerald Pearl granite countertop. Despite the emerald in the name, the colour of our granite is more black than green. Unfortunately, the edges around the sink as well as the surface by the faucet became quite dull and cloudy. I believe it was due to the fact that we have very hard water. I tried a product in our grocery store called Cerama Bryte. It’s designed to clean ceramic glass cooktops. To my amazement, it worked to remove most of the stains. I applied a dab to a cotton cloth (old diaper) and used my index finger in circular motions from the outside edge of the stains toward the centre. Afterwards, I quickly wiped the area with a damp cloth and the stains were gone although I still have a bit of a ring around the base at the back of the faucet, so I’m thinking this area is too far gone and that the stain is etched in. Nonetheless the other areas that were stained/marked now look the same as the rest of my counter again… it’s been about two weeks. I wouldn’t recommend doing this on a regular basis because I don’t know if it could be damaging in the long run but it worked for me as hopefully a one-time fix and now I make a point of wiping any water off my counter right away. I do need to find a sealer now for added protection because it hasn’t been sealed in about 7 years now (which led me to this website).

  17. I have a piece of granite. It’s polished on one side but not the other. How do I polish the side that isn’t polished. I had a stove with a back that covered the area now I have a stove that doesn’t. Would like that area to be polished. Is this doable?

  18. Just had new granite counters installed in kitchen (uba verde) the edges are dull installers been out 3 times applied stuff but it wears off what can I do

  19. I have a four layer polished granite fountain. with water running over them there is abuildup (of I assume) limestone. HOW CAN I BRING THE GRANITE BACK TO A LIKE NEW CONDITION WITHOUT DAMAGING THE POLISHED GRANITE?


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